LG&CDD Local Government & Community Development Jobs 2024

Latest Local Government & Community Development Department Management Posts Lahore 2024

Calling passionate and talented individuals. The Local Government & Community Development Department (LG&CDD) in Lahore is seeking exceptional candidates to join their team and contribute to shaping the city's future. As advertised in the Daily Express Tribune Newspaper on February 6, 2024, they have numerous exciting opportunities available.

Make a Lasting Impact:

  1. Contract Management Expert: Ensure projects deliver value and meet objectives.
  2. Project Compliance Expert: Safeguard project integrity and adherence to regulations.
  3. Gender Associate Expert: Champion gender equality and empower communities.
  4. Assistant Manager Collection Recovery: Optimize revenue collection for sustainable development.
  5. Environmental Management Expert: Lead initiatives for a greener and healthier Lahore.
  6. Manager Community Engagement: Build strong relationships and empower communities.
  7. Manager Revenue: Drive sustainable financial management for the city.
  8. Project Development Specialist: Turn innovative ideas into impactful projects.
  9. Manager Solid Waste Management: Implement efficient and sustainable waste management systems.
  10. Human Resource Expert: Attract, develop, and retain top talent for LG&CDD.
  11. Social Mobilizer Community Awareness Program: Educate and empower communities on crucial issues.
  12. Internal Auditor: Ensure financial transparency and accountability.
  13. Manager Social Safeguards: Uphold social responsibility and ethical practices.
  14. Manager ME, ME Expert: Drive progress in the Monitoring & Evaluation field.
  15. Civil Infrastructure Expert: Design and oversee vital infrastructure projects.
  16. Institutional Development Expert: Strengthen institutions for effective governance.
  17. Solid Waste Management Expert: Develop and implement sustainable waste management solutions.
  18. Manager Gender, Gender Expert: Advance gender equality across all LG&CDD programs.
  19. Admin Expert: Ensure smooth and efficient departmental operations.
  20. Project Coordination Specialist Authority: Manage projects effectively and deliver results.
  21. Electrical Infrastructure Expert: Design and manage reliable electrical infrastructure.
  22. Project Coordination Specialist: Coordinate projects seamlessly and achieve milestones.
  23. Legal Reforms Compliance Expert: Ensure adherence to legal frameworks and regulations.
  24. Project Management Expert: Lead projects from conception to completion.
  25. Finance Expert: Manage financial resources effectively and strategically.
  26. SCADA Expert: Oversee and optimize Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition systems.
  27. Local Governance Specialist: Strengthen local governance structures and practices.
  28. Water Supply Design Expert: Design and implement sustainable water supply systems.
  29. Compliance Specialist: Ensure adherence to policies, procedures, and regulations.
  30. Municipal Service Specialist: Deliver efficient and responsive municipal services.
  31. Municipal Financial Management Expert: Manage municipal finances effectively and transparently.
  32. Field Associates: Provide essential support and data collection in the field.
  33. Engineer: Apply your technical expertise to infrastructure development projects.
  34. Communication Associate Expert: Craft impactful communication strategies and messages.


  1. Educational requirements vary depending on the position, ranging from Matric to Master's degrees and professional qualifications.
  2. Relevant experience and strong skills are highly valued.

Don't miss out

Applications are open now and will be accepted until February 24, 2024, or as per the closing date mentioned in the newspaper advertisement. For complete details, eligibility criteria, and application process, please refer to the original advertisement in the Daily Express Tribune Newspaper or visit the LG&CDD website: 


LG&CDD Local Government & Community Development Jobs 2024
LG&CDD Local Government & Community Development Jobs 2024

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Original Source: https://tribune.com.pk/epaper/2024-02-05/2

Join LG&CDD and make a real difference in the lives of Lahoresidents! We offer a dynamic work environment, competitive benefits, and the opportunity to contribute to meaningful projects that shape the city's future

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