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Calling passionate and dedicated educators. The Directorate of Education Colleges in Azad Jammu & Kashmir (AJK) is seeking talented individuals to join their team and inspire the next generation. As advertised in the Daily Dunya Newspaper on February 10, 2024, they have numerous exciting opportunities for lecturers across various subjects.

Shape the Future of Learning:

  1. Lecturer Physical Education: Foster a love for sports and healthy living.
  2. Lecturer Islamiyat: Impart Islamic knowledge and values with compassion and wisdom.
  3. Lecturer Physics: Spark curiosity and understanding of the physical world.
  4. Lecturer Philosophy: Encourage critical thinking and explore deeper questions of existence.
  5. Lecturer Zoology: Uncover the wonders of the animal kingdom and its diversity.
  6. Lecturer Computer Instructor: Equip students with essential digital skills for the future.
  7. Lecturer Political Science: Help students understand the intricate world of politics and governance.
  8. Lecturer Biology: Delve into the fascinating world of living organisms.
  9. Lecturer Chemistry: Unravel the mysteries of the molecular world and its applications.
  10. Lecturer English: Master the language and unlock literary treasures for students.
  11. Lecturer Commerce: Prepare students for a successful career in the business world.
  12. Lecturer Urdu: Cultivate fluency and appreciation for the Urdu language and literature.
  13. Lecturer History: Bring the past to life and inspire students to learn from it.
  14. Lecturer Botany: Explore the diverse plant kingdom and its vital role in life.
  15. Lecturer Statistics: Equip students with data analysis skills for informed decision-making.
  16. Lecturer Pakistan Studies: Build understanding of Pakistan's history, culture, and society.
  17. Lecturer Mathematics: Foster problem-solving skills and a love for numbers.
  18. Lecturer Economics: Explain the complex world of economic theories and their impact.
  19. Commerce Instructor: Share practical knowledge and prepare students for business careers.
  20. Lecturer Computer Science: Empower students with the fundamentals of computers and technology.
  21. Lecturer Psychology: Explore the fascinating workings of the human mind.
  22. Lecturer Education: Equip future educators with knowledge and skills to inspire young minds.
  23. Lecturer Arabic: Deepen students' understanding and love for the Arabic language.


  1. Educational requirements vary depending on the subject, ranging from Master's degrees with B.Ed to PhDs.
  2. Strong communication, interpersonal, and presentation skills are essential.
  3. Experience in education and a passion for teaching are highly valued.

Directorate Of Education Colleges Lecturer Jobs 2024
Directorate Of Education Colleges Lecturer Jobs 2024

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Applications are open now and will be accepted until February 25, 2024, or as per the closing date mentioned in the newspaper advertisement. For complete details, eligibility criteria, and application process, please refer to the original advertisement in the Daily Dunya Newspaper or visit the Directorate of Education Colleges website.

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